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Hiring a lawyer is your best option for dealing with the physical and emotional problems of having an accident. Without a lawyer, you leave yourself at the mercy of insurance companies and will not maximize the benefits to which you are entitled. A qualified Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure all of the steps of the process are fair and just. Don’t make the mistake of trying to navigate through the system on your own. Don’t wait any longer. Let one of our Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers contact you to discuss your case.

With personal injury law, liability is a key factor. Liability is determined by showing that the individual who caused the harm did so because of a failure to exercise reasonable care. Further, it must be shown that it was foreseeable that this failure could result in the injury or harm that did occur to the other party. A finding of reckless or negligent action may result in a judgment of liability. There are various defenses to a claim of liability.  Not only do you lose more evidence as time passes by but the law limits the amount of time you have to file your personal injury case. We fight for you and are not afraid to go to trial if it’s in your best interest. Remember, when a serious injury happens to you, its effects can be devastating and long lasting. Therefore, it is of vital importance for you to obtain the best legal advice possible.

If the parties in a personal injury case cannot agree to an out-of-court settlement, the claim may proceed to trial in a civil court, which is a lengthy process. This can be a state or federal trial court, although most personal injury lawsuits are heard in state court, and the decision is subject to review by an appeals court.

Class action cases may be heard in either state or federal court. In instances where the amount of recovery sought is minimal, the personal injury case may be tried in a small claims court.

The process of finding and working with a personal injury lawyer or attorney can be time-consuming and difficult. You most likely want to find a lawyer in your area who is experienced and can provide you with effective legal counsel, so you have the greatest opportunity of reaching a positive outcome for your particular claim, whatever it may be. Look for an injury lawyer who has expertise and experience in your type of accident or injury and ask if they are willing to work on a no win no fee basis , meaning that there is no risk to you because you will not have to pay their legal fees if you lose the case. Your injury solicitor will guide you through the compensation claim process and help you to gather the evidence you need to support your claim.

People are injured every day. If the negligence of another person’s actions, a dangerous condition that existed on someone’s property or a company’s defective product has caused you or a loved one to suffer, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Toronto personal injury lawyers provides protection for victims of motor vehicle accidents, accidents that occur while you are at work, accidents that happen in a place of business or complications arising from medical care.

Toronto, On (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

Another first for IFCG and the insurance industry!

IFCG..always looking to put the clients interest first by supporting the Independent Advisor with tools, knowledge and expertise to assist their clients to make the best informed decision for their insurance and financial needs.

With todays ever changing climate of product design, complexity and structure, it is often difficult to analyze products based upon illustrations, client bonuses, fees, loads and contract wording etc. IFCG felt, by having a professional Actuary in-house to support IFCG and advisors in analyzing products which will allow you to present thorough, accountable, sound recommendations and products based on your clients needs which have been analyzed & reviewed by a professional Actuary would provide beneficial comfort and confidence the recommendation put forth to your clients is sound.

IFCG is therefore, extremely pleased to announce Catherine MacRae, FSA, FCIA will be consulting with IFCG effective September 2013. Catherine brings to IFCG and its Advisors a wealth of experience and expertise in the Actuarial field.

Stay tuned and watch for a new product/service – IFCG Certified

Catherine MacRae


A passionate and results oriented Consulting Actuary with 10+ years of experience in estate and financial planning as it relates to the individual life insurance business. Catherine works with many high-end advisors, helping them position their life insurance product selection for their affluent clients. As a member of Manulifes Professional Services Team (PST), she worked with Manulife Elite advisors, helping them position their product selection for their affluent clients. Bringing to light unique product features or pricing opportunities within a product class, Catherine helps advisors best position themselves in todays competitive landscape.

Catherine follows the advisor throughout the sales process, tapping the resources of the other professionals or insurance companies Head Office staff where they can be of value in resolving issues (product, reinsurance, tax or underwriting) that could be a barrier in closing a sale.

Catherine attends client and third party meetings, bringing her professional credentials and support for resolving technical issues, raised by any party, (lawyers, accountants etc.), who may have been brought into the sales process.

Catherine is a frequent speaker at such events as MGA professional development days, CALUs annual meeting and private client dinners.

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