2013 Law Of Abundance

law of abundance

Everyone wonders when they can receive more from lifetime. Many individuals like to believe which the universe may offer for them. The cosmic law of abundance is regarded as these values. It is a surprisingly big belief plus we are going to just graze the surface of it.

Essentially it states you are not without what we want. The theory is matter plus power could not absolutely be ruined really reconfigured into different types about you. I understand it’s going to commence to feel worse than math class yet bear with me. It’s an interesting belief.

There’s more with it than this nevertheless basically should you act positive plus think definitely then your universe usually supply for we. Basically ask plus we shall get nevertheless you need to provide back also. The universe expects we to do unto others because you’d have it do unto we. Think of it because karma about a much greater scale.

Essentially if you need anything good, do anything good for a neighbor. If you need financial aid then provide of the small you must others as well as the universe will provide it back tenfold. It’s not a bad belief however needs making go of certain preconceptions. This inside itself is a task.

As reported this law is big plus you don’t have the room or the time to review it. Should you desire more info I’d advise we to go trying to find it online. After all you will find anything we desire online. Well mostly, odds are you’ll not see the mother’s recipe for homemade peanut butter plus jelly about there.

In closing the cosmic law of abundance is a belief held with a limited which the universe offers. All you should do is ask plus reciprocate whenever the time comes. It’s not a bad strategy to adhere to, form of difficult to receive rich off folks because it’s not like regular religious values.

But hey when it functions for we, choose it.

law of abundance

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2013

Denise OBrien announced now which she has partnered with BYOU, launching a 2 week campaign to raise cash for her nonprofit company, Wings of Love International, Inc., (WINGS) that empowers, educates plus inspires a pathway from misuse to psychological wellness, wholeness plus abundance.

CEO/Founder & Executive Director of WINGS, Denise is co-author of the book, ADVENTURES IN MANIFESTING PASSION AND PURPOSE, together with effective entrepreneurs like Janet Attwood, NY Best Selling Author of The Passion Test, plus Bob Doyle, Best Selling Author plus Law of Attraction expert showcased inside the book as well as the film The Secret.

Denise encourages individuals to develop their outer plus internal beauty plus to obtain their true mission inside existence to reside about cause. She calls herself The Queen of Joy, Beauty & Passion, that everyone about her agrees with whether they have simply met her or have worked along with her for years.

With BYOUs motto B-Inspired! B-Involved! B-Empowered! Denise was excited to join BYOU not just to raise income for her nonprofit, yet to bring further awareness to her mission to educate the planet regarding domestic misuse. I have been thus inspired by the BYOU brand as well as the commitment its team brings to every charity, including the advertisments for the Ty Foundation to help childhood cancer analysis, as well as the Bethany Hamilton foundation supporting those with distressing injuries, shares Denise. My extended family has been by its share of trauma over time, plus you couldn’t have produced it from those challenges without the belief as well as the help of countless family plus neighbors about you.

The unique Signature Series apparel designs include a few of the sayings Denise shares whenever delivering her effective content within the Hollywood red carpet to the boardroom, by her several star customers, advertising plus publicity workshops, talking engagements to universities, chambers of commerce, churches, women plus womens groups, university viewers, nonprofit companies, Rotary International, Soroptimist International, Al-Anon, plus little plus big businesses.

Sayings like: Domestic Violence Has No Zipcode, plus LOVE signifies RESPECT.

The designs, countless of such as the WINGS logo, are accessible for a limited time about a tote bag, perfect for summertime, plus about many apparel for males, girls plus youngsters. The webpage http://www.BeYourOwnYou.org makes it simple for fans plus neighbors to buy fashionable WINGS signature goods, as well as for each item available throughout the two-week campaign, $ 7 of every buy might go straight to Wings of Love International, Inc.

A source of inspiration to thousands internationally from her individual stories plus blogs about Facebook, Denise continues to shine a light of hope about a surprisingly difficult topic to discuss publicly.

Her inspirational leadership, unequaled integrity, smooth networking fashion plus proven ability to lead others to reside their dreams has been generally respected for over 3 years.

After years of functioning inside entertainment, fashion plus beauty, Denises existence was changed forever whenever her daughter Brittany was almost killed inside a tragic accident, suffering a distressing mind injury plus inside a coma for over 2 weeks. After Denises time at Brittanys bedside throughout her 40 day remain inside the UCLA NeuroTrauma ICU, her 20-year-old daughter produced a miraculous full healing. Denises testimony of her deep belief plus her caregiver story, describing among the biggest challenges of her lifetime has inspired thousands internationally.

Denise additionally founded DOME Consulting, LLC to aid bring funds to WINGS. DOME offers innovative branding plus publicity help for Hollywood manufacturers, directors, stars, fashion designers, speakers, authors plus businesses. As a popular speaker plus expert found on the subjects of public relations, self-esteem, internal plus outer beauty, self-confidence, empowerment, domestic violence, plus creating your charismatic package, Denise encourages others to discover their own passions whilst developing their interior beauty.

For more info regarding how to receive concerned with WINGS, see their website, http://www.WingsOfLoveIntl.org. For more info about Denise, see her webpage at http://www.Denise-OBrien.com

About BYOU – Be The Own You:

Be The Own We is a lifestyle brand which empowers girls plus youngsters by positive messaging, apparel plus accessories, educational programs plus an editorial magazine. BYOU was created inside partnership with Children’s Edutainment Network plus teenager star Cymphonique Miller.

BYOU’s Celebrity Signature Series enables celebrities to create signature designs which reflect their own personalities plus highlight the issues of self-image plus women’s empowerment, key concepts of the BYOU brand. This new approach is a easy three-step task. BYOU couples with celebrities that create plus shape a “Signature Series” line of designs incorporating the BYOU brand. The celeb then chooses a charity to benefit from sales of the designs that will be yielded about apparel plus other goods. BYOU markets the brand-new designs about http://www.BeYourOwnYou.org for a two-week period plus $ 7.00 from each item available goes straight to the charity the star chooses.

For more info, plus to go and visit the internet shop see, http://www.BeYourOwnYou.org.


law of abundance

Everyone wonders if they could get more out of life. Many people want to believe that the universe will provide for them. The cosmic law of abundance is one of these beliefs. It is a very large belief and we will only graze the surface of it.

Essentially it states that you are never without what you need. The theory is matter and energy can never really be destroyed just reconfigured into different forms around us. I know it’s going to start to feel worse than math class but bear with me. It’s an interesting belief.

There’s more to it than this but essentially if you act positive and think positively then the universe will provide for you. Basically ask and you shall receive but you have to give back as well. The universe expects you to do unto others as you would have it do unto you. Think of it as karma on a much larger scale.

Essentially if you want something nice, do something nice for your neighbor. If you need financial help then give of the little you have to others and the universe will give it back tenfold. It’s not a bad belief but requires letting go of certain preconceptions. This in itself can be a task.

As stated this law is huge and we don’t have the space or the time to review it. If you want more information I’d advise you to go looking for it on the internet. After all you can find anything you want on the internet. Well mostly, chances are you’ll never see your mother’s recipe for homemade peanut butter and jelly on there.

In closing the cosmic law of abundance is a belief held by a few that the universe provides. All we need to do is ask and reciprocate when the time comes. It’s not a bad philosophy to follow, kind of hard to get rich off people as it’s not like normal religious beliefs.

But hey if it works for you, go for it.

Abundance encompasses much more than money. Abundance comes in many forms: good health, joy, friends, loving family members, a puppy’s kiss, anything that brings joy and a sense of peace and well-being.

Everyone has the ability to manifest anything they choose to obtain or experience. What often happens is that gifts are not accepted when presented or go unrecognized even when they are laid at the doorstep.

Many people complain about their need for money, more time or energy, specific items, etc. Yet, when someone offers their services, because of pride, gifts are rejected with comments such as, “Thank you, but we are doing okay. We appreciate the thought, but we know you (or someone else) need the money as much as we do.” Perhaps you accept the gift, only to pass it on to someone you think is more deserving.

This behavior is often a reflection coming from a lack of worthiness. Have you ever failed to charge a fair price for your services? How often have you worked jobs that did not bring you joy? How many times have you lent money knowing you would never be repaid? Where is your worth and sense of fairness?

All humans desire abundance on some level. This doesn’t necessarily mean material goods, for there are many who prefer a simplistic lifestyle. However, all desire an abundance of peace, the ability to choose what they wish to experience and the people they wish to have as their friends.

Take time to look at your belief codes. Why do you follow the practices that you do? Are you hindering your growth and ability to manifest what you desire due to following beliefs others have impressed on you? Scrutinize each tenet you hold dear to determine if it still holds true for you today.

Dare to be different.

If it is abundance you wish to receive, you can also expect to be presented with a myriad of ways to expend your wealth, as well. That is the nature of this world of polarity. It is up to you to use discernment regarding when to receive the blessings gifted to you and when to pass the gift onward.

Pay attention to your words and attitude when blessings come your way. If you turn down a gift, look closely at why you are doing so. Is it a result of an old habit? Perhaps in the past, gifts from certain people had “strings attached” and so, you hold the belief code that gifts from people have “strings attached.”

Look closely, be as objective as possible and bring to your conscious mind belief codes that hinder you from living a life of abundance. You cannot eradicate old belief codes until you shine a light on them. Consciously choose those you wish to keep and those you are ready to release.

You have the right to live a life of abundance. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus your attention on, you will attract to you. Once you realize this and choose to take the steps towards living an abundant life, celebrate by performing a jig called “a bun dance.” Stand up, shake your booty and with joy and exuberance shout, “I am worthy to receive all the blessings the universe has to offer me!”