2013 Immigration Reform November

immigration reform November

Monday's group, moving beneath the banner “Remember November,” is element of the statewide effort to bring congressmen face to face with their constituents plus undocumented persons inside their districts urging those to help immigration reform. “We learn which …

Seattle (PRWEB) January 20, 2013

In 2013, the Seattle Port Commission passed a motion urging the United States Congress to take up immigration reform, citing nationwide plus financial safety plan. In a letter to Washingtons congressional delegation, commissioners reported their help for providing for a regulated, orderly, secure plus secure program of immigration into the United States.

The State of Washington is the many trade dependent state inside the union, as well as the strength of King Countys economy is very dependent found on the movement of individuals plus goods, reported Commissioner John Creighton, co-sponsor of the motion. It is important which federal immigration regulations are powerful inside addressing the financial development plus nationwide safety concerns of the countries gateways.

Immigration plan equally impacts the daily operations of the seaport plus Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, that is an significant port of entry to the United States. Over the last several years, the immigration problem has regrettably been too partisan plus divisive to bring any real change inside federal regulations plus policies. Many developments inside the last year, nevertheless, create it more probably which the country might see progress about real, powerful immigration reform.

Companies including Microsoft which employ tens of thousands of employees over the nation have started to talk up regarding the requirement for more visas to recruit experienced employees from all over the planet to function at Microsoft offices plus analysis centers. Farmers, both big plus tiny, are having a difficult time recruiting work plus crops have rotted inside the fields because immigration authorities have damaged down plus several states passed restrictive regulations of their own. And the nationwide Republican Party has started to rethink its opposition to comprehensive immigration reform because the November 2013 election whenever Latinos plus different immigrant populations voted seriously for the Democratic Party.

Commissioner Creighton points to all these developments because positive because they might probably move Congress to action about immigration reform inside 2013. Said Commissioner Creighton, Washington company relies about immigrant work, plus immigration reform is important to an inclusive plus sustainable financial healing for the state.

immigration reform November

immigration reform November

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

National Voluntary Organizations Active inside Disasters (National VOAD) calls for elected plus furnished officials to cooperate plus act today, not later, to address the urgent healing requires of communities plus homes affected by Super Storm Sandy.

Super Storm Sandy struck the East Coast about October 29, 2013. The storm caused tens of billions of $ inside damage over the coastline. As damage estimates were introduced to the public inside the weeks following the storm, calls for supplemental appropriations to aid pay for healing efforts were met with calls for offsets from certain quarters.

National VOAD calls about Congress to act instantly Daniel Stoecker, Executive Director mentioned. Without prompt action active dire conditions usually continue to deteriorate plus brand-new difficulties might emerge, that will then need a lot more resources to stabilize plus restore lives.

National VOAD is the nationwide coordinating body for 53 of the countries many respected community-based plus faith-based catastrophe reaction companies, plus 55 state plus territorial affiliates with hundreds of more localized associate companies. National VOAD members focus about all stages of disaster: preparedness, relief, reaction, healing plus mitigation. Working collaboratively with all the private plus governmental fields, the members of National VOAD are the driving force behind catastrophe healing inside the United States.

Below are the minimal specifications National VOAD feels required to address urgent healing demands currently surpasses accessible resources:

Disaster Supplemental Funding

Disaster supplemental funding plays a key part inside meeting the catastrophe connected unmet demands of catastrophe survivors. While system authorized beneath the Stafford Act, including FEMAs Individuals Assistance plus Small Organization Administration play significant components inside catastrophe reaction plus healing, over and over again these system have proven insufficient to bring communities back to their pre-disaster state, exiting thousands of homes vulnerable to socio-economic despair. These unmet requirements usually fall found on the shoulders about voluntary, faith-based plus community-based companies, whom diligently attempt to employ donated $ to fill the gap. The magnitude of Super Storm Sandys estimated $ 71 billion inside damages inside NY plus NJ might need big block scholarships like Social Service Block Grants plus Community Development Block Grants inside purchase to satisfy the humanitarian demands inside affected communities.

Recommendation: Congressional approval of catastrophe supplemental funding.

Additional National VOAD recommendations for Congressional action:

FEMA Disaster Assistance

Many Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) programs important to healing have been limited or no longer exist. These programs offered help for emergency plus temporary housing, repair bills, furniture, funeral, health, dental requires, plus eviction plus foreclosure prevention. National VOAD recommends for legislative reform which totally restores these programs, include:

Rental Assistance Previously accessible for about 18 months, assistance for alternative rental following a house is damaged is furthermore topic to an total $ 31,900 cash limit about all combined FEMA assistance. This really is particularly punitive for big families, those that reside inside excellent lease regions plus those whom can have required funeral or different assistance, considering rental assistance stops whenever the cash limit is reached. Many families usually get assistance for repairs, exiting small help to pay for the bills of temporary housing. Larger families with more expensive temporary housing requires might utilize up their allocated funds before their homes are prepared for re-habitation, plus be forced to utilize their repair income for temporary lease. This really is incredibly difficult inside high-rent regions like Manhattan. This need is too huge to be handled by voluntary or neighborhood government agencies.

Recommendation: Restore 18-month maximum at Fair Market Rate, not topic to cash limit.

Eviction plus Foreclosure Prevention Called Mortgage plus Rental Assistance (MRA), this was the most crucial FEMA relief system inside NY City following 9/11. Some 16,500 homes, whom lost jobs plus were facing eviction or foreclosure because a outcome of the attack, had their rents plus mortgages paid by FEMA for about 18 months, at a total expense of $ 210 million. This system passed from the law inside November 2002. Since then, this significant protection web has been tragically unavailable, many egregiously inside New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, with emerging synonymous problems inside New Jersey plus NY. In both New Jersey plus NY, there are no voluntary, state or localized government funds to avoid disaster-caused eviction plus foreclosure.

Recommendation: Restore the Mortgage plus Rental Assistance System.

FEMA Qualifying Immigrant Status

Immigrants are amidst the many vulnerable to catastrophe plus are frequently denied additional types of public assistance. In latest years, FEMA assistance has become more limited based about immigration status. Access to humanitarian catastrophe services is a fundamental human proper, articulated inside the specifications of the United Nations Guiding Principles about Internally Displaced Persons; Principles 3 plus 4: National authorities have the main duty plus responsibility to offer security plus humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people inside their jurisdiction. Internally displaced people have the proper to request plus to obtain security plus humanitarian assistance from these authorities.

Recommendation: Extend simple emergency FEMA catastrophe relief, temporary housing, wellness plus different humanitarian help to all inside need without respect to legal immigration status.

To schedule an interview with National VOAD or some of the partnering VOAD agencies regarding their roles inside disasters, contact James McGowan, Associate Executive Director of Partnerships, 703-778-5089.


National VOAD, or National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, is a national coordinating body for 53 of the nations most respected community-based and faith-based disaster response organizations and 55 state and territorial affiliates, with hundreds of additional localized member organizations. National VOAD members focus on all stages of disaster: preparedness, relief, response, recovery and mitigation. Working collaboratively with the private and governmental sectors, the members of National VOAD are the driving force behind disaster recovery in the United States.