2013 Divorce Rate United States

Divorce Rate United States

Divorce rates in the United States have increased significantly in the past fifty years. In the sixties, divorce was not that common at all especially if children were involved. Now in the new millennium many children come from broken homes. One reason for the high divorce rates could be because kids are getting married. Another reason could be because a spouse is cheating. Finally, another reason may involve fighting and the stress of everyday life, especially the way the economy is right now. On the other hand the divorce economy is not suffering at all.

In the past, people would usually wait until the late twenties or early thirties to get married. Now kids are getting married at very young ages. A lot of couples got married right out of high school and some even got married while they were still in high school. This is one of the reasons that many couples did not stay together very long. They were so impatient to grow up that some believed marriage was the only way. They found out very soon, within less than a year of being married that was not the truth.

In this day and age many people come from broken homes and they see one of their parents attached to another person besides their other parent. They may also see one of their parents cheating and that causes a lot of pain. Therefore, when they get married they may think that cheating is okay. Also, they may think because they came from a broken home and they turned out alright that if their child comes from a broken home everything will be fine. They seem to forget the way they felt when their parents were apart.

With the economy the way it is now it can cause a lot of financial strain on a relationship, especially a marriage.

Everyday stress could also play a key role on how you and your spouse get along. When you and your spouse come home from work after having a stressful day you seem to take the stress out on one another. Fighting about money is one of the main reasons people in a marriage separate. Also, people separate because they just are too young to handle the stress of a marriage.

In the past spouses would choose to go to counseling before deciding to permanently separate. Today counseling is getting less and less popular. Sometimes it saves marriages and sometimes it doesnit. But today people are not even giving counseling a chance. The reason for spouses to not attend counseling in the present time is unknown but it might have something to do with the age of the couple or financial reasons or even one spouse just not wanting to work things out through counseling.

Marriage is not being taken seriously at all at this time. People need to start thinking harder about the issue before it happens. People in a relationship should not be scared to say no. They should not be afraid to explain reasons to wait to their significant other, but it seems as if they are. A lot of people also believe if the female is pregnant, they should get hitched before the baby is born. If the marriage is just going to end in divorce then it is not worth taking the child through the pain.

Today people need to wait to get married and need to talk about it more. Talk about it not just with their partner but others as well. Getting an outside view of the relationship could help not only with the decision of marriage but with the relationship as well. Also, living together for at least a year will help to get used to the concept of marriage. If a couple does decide to get married, before they decide to split some avoiding factors should be tried before a divorce occurs. For example, separate for a few weeks just to get a break from one another. Also, just give counseling a chance, what is the worst that could happen? If there are children involved remember that they have to endure the stress of the permanent break-up also. Before any permanent changes are made, try at least three things to avoid the break up, it could help.

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