2013 October Green Card Bulletin

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2013

Tracker Corp, http://trackercorp.com, developer quite innovative I-9 conformity software as well as the immigration administration program (IMS) employed by more Fortune 500 companies than any additional IMS available, announced the addition of a Advance Visa Bulletin Report to its ImmigrationTracker 7 software.

ImmigrationTracker case administration software absolutely delivers access to the present month’s Visa Bulletin Report, issued by the Department of State (DoS), announcing what foreign nationals’ concern dates are qualified to file for an Adjustment of Status (AoS). Around the 15th of every month, the DoS publishes the future month’s designated concern dates, plus Tracker automatically monitors these bulletins.

With Tracker’s brand-new report, immigration attorneys or HR experts have the possibility to choose “Upcoming Month” plus “Current Month.” This enables a head begin of as much as 15 days inside I-485 green card petition filing, thus consumers may program ahead of time for that customers or employees have the ability to file.

ImmigrationTracker’s Visa Bulletin reports eliminate the boring procedure of getting to manually access the DoS url to discover that Priority Dates have or may become powerful. The jump begin offered by this fresh advance report further helps you to confirm which filing deadlines are not missed, whether or not the previously-scheduled window for qualified Priority Dates moves due to variations inside a country’s visa need.

An AoS candidates choice category, concern date, plus nation of origin determine their area inside line for green card eligibility. Tracker shops this info plus automatically compares it to the real-time information found on the DoS website plus returns the people that are currently qualified plus meet any more criteria specified by the DoS.

“Our hot Advance Visa Bulletin Report lets ImmigrationTracker consumers plan ahead for the upcoming month’s batch of filings for candidates whom can become qualified for hot goal dates,” mentioned Brett Weiss, Tracker Corp CEO. “Tracker customers discover that an additional 2 weeks of prep time could go a lengthy technique inside reducing the strain of filing for green card status.”

Tracker Corp offers software for immigration administration, I-9 conformity plus E-Verify. Used by over 75% of the best immigration law companies whom purchase case administration software (according to IndUS Company Journal plus American Lawyer Media), plus several Fortune 1000 businesses, hospitals plus colleges, Tracker Corp goods include ImmigrationTracker software plus Tracker I-9 conformity software. Founded in 1998, Tracker Corp is privately held plus based inside San Francisco, CA.


San Diego (PRWEB) June 15, 2007

Foreign employees whose occupations have been certified as being in short supply by the Department of Labor are relishing the huge surprise revealed in the State Departments July Visa Bulletin. It has unleashed a frenzied, viral buzz through all ethnic communities.

No, Congress did not make any new laws. What happened was that the quota system that limits the number of green cards that are given out each year to these highly skilled workers, opened up for all workers from every country. Simply stated, certified skilled workers from every country came to the front of the line to get their green cards.

In April the Priority Dates were so backed up that certified skilled workers from every country in the world thought that they would still have to wait another four and a half to five years to claim their green cards.

Leon Snaid, a Certified Immigration Law Specialist practicing in San Diego, claims that the Immigration Services will once again be swamped with applications for immigrant visas. This time it will be to snap up the remaining green cards from the quota for this fiscal year.

Snaid recalls how employers wanting to temporarily hire workers with at least a Bachelors degree bombarded the Immigration Service in April with petitions. The Service received almost three times the annual quota allowed for these workers in the first two days and had to have a lottery to select the winners.

Snaid believes that legal employment immigration is suffering, because of the focus on illegal immigration issues and this hurts the country. Lets face it. Employers would not hire skilled foreign workers unless they had to. Its far easier, cheaper and quicker to hire a U.S. worker.

Its even a huge burden for an employer to hire a temporary foreigner worker. Snaid explains that with each petition for a three-year employment visa, the employer must pay $ 750 or $ 1500, if the employer has more than 25 workers to an Education Fund for U.S. citizen training. Then there is a Fraud Prevention and Detection fee of $ 500 to monitor possible fraudulent petitions, a $ 1000 Premium Processing fee so that the petition will have a chance of being adjudicated before the quota is filled and, finally, a $ 190 fee for the actual petition. So before an employer even pays the attorney to prepare and process the petition through a maze of red tape, the employer has forked out either $ 2440 or $ 3190 to the Immigration Service. Typical attorney fees for this type of petition range from $ 2500 to $ 5000. Thats not all. The petition is filed in April and, if approved the worker may only start working on October 1.

Critics of the skilled worker temporary program argue that employers go through this trouble so that they can get cheap labor and it displaces U.S. workers. Snaid counters that the law requires that the employee be paid at least the prevailing wage paid to U.S.workers doing the same job in the same geographical area or the salary paid to other employees in the petitioners business, if their salaries are higher than the prevailing wage. Also there is the $ 500 Fraud Prevention and Detection fee.

Snaid concludes that unless the legal employment immigration laws are revised to welcome skilled workers in short supply, U.S. employers will take these jobs offshore. His comments are not original. Captains of industry have testified before Congress that employers will be forced out of the U.S.A. for lack of skilled workers.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release contact Leon Snaid at 619-725-0797 or visit http://www.snaid.com

About Leon Snaid:

Leon Snaid is a certified as an Immigration Law Specialist by the State Bar of Californias Board of Legal Specialization. He is rated as a Preeminent Lawyer by Martindale-Hubble, the leading directory used by lawyers to refer their clients to lawyers in other specialties. His biography has appeared in the Marquis Whos Who in American Law since 1987. He was a Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award for his book ”The Newcomers Guide to Living in the USA.,” which has been revised as ”EasyWayUSA, The Smart and Safe Guide to Living in the USA.”


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